Friday, September 19, 2008

Welcome to the Tellings RPG Blog!

Welcome to the Tellings Role-Playing and Storytelling game blog!


Dave Prime said...

Hey Ed,

I was just going through some old papers and ran across my character sheet from way back when we used to play Tellings! Thought I'd look you up online and, lo and behold, found your web site. Looks like you ended up in Seattle? How funny; I'm still thinking I'll be out there someday ;)

Glad to see the game is still alive, would love to hear some stories of what you've done with it between now and then. Take care,

- dave (swim)

EYC said...

Hey Dave,

Good to hear from you. Tellings is still alive. Though it's been dormant for much of the past few years because I've been busy with grad school. But I've revived it. Dusted it off. And I'm hoping to get a new edition out next year some time. Hopefully *the* edition. I will definitely let you know.